Archie tells Sam that if she goes to prison she’ll owe her family and he offers her a chance of freedom and hands her some cash. Phil warns Peggy to tread carefully with Sam, as they can’t afford to let her do a runner. Ricky agrees to take Sam back after she pleads her case and Sam returns the money to Archie.

Sam has another run-in with Peggy before the Children In Need dance contest. When Sam’s a no-show, Ricky is forced to dance with Bianca. Ricky and Bianca win the competition and share a hug, but they are interrupted by Peggy, who hands Ricky a note from Sam. Meanwhile, Archie hands Sam the cash as she climbs into a taxi and tells her she’s doing the right thing…

Owen asks Liz to help him get something on Lucas, as he’s sure that Libby and Denise are in danger. Liz tries to snoop at Patrick’s, but is caught out by Lucas. Liz is thoughtful when Lucas says he thinks he was wrong about Owen. Liz tells Owen that she’s sure Lucas is harmless and Owen says he’ll sort Lucas himself.

Also, Chelsea mistakenly thinks that Al has asked her to be his date for the wedding.

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