In hospital, Sam comes round, and Zak and Joanie breathe a sigh of relief as the doctor explains Sam’s going to survive the shooting. But there’s bad news too. The incident has to be reported to the police. When Joanie bravely confesses to Sam that she shot the gun, he’s torn. Will he report his dad’s lover?

Meanwhile, Megan is still alone in the woods and her contractions are coming on thick and fast. But help is at hand. Jai has spotted her abandoned car and, after failing to be able to reach his ex on her mobile, he heads into the woods to try to find her. He saves the day and gets Megan ex to hospital. But, the couple’s joy as their baby enters the world is tarnished as they learn there have been complications, which may mean their daughter has brain damage.

Chrissie’s in a dilemma about whether to get DNA tested. Worried that Lawrence may not be her biological dad, in the wake of him confessing he had an open marriage with her mother, Chrissie knows the outcome will affect her son Lachlan too. When Andy tells her that it takes more than DNA to make a proper dad, will conflicted Chrissie make up her mind?