When Bobby Henshaw, a suspect in the mugging of DC Jacob Banks’ wife, Naomi Woods, is attacked, Pcs Ben Gayle and Tony Stamp arrest Gavin Wishart but he has a solid alibi. Over at St Hugh’s, Bobby tells DI Samantha Nixon that whoever attacked him had been paid by Alistair Finch, the man who killed his younger brother, Michael.

Samantha and Banksy later visit Edward and his wife, Judy, at their home and are surprised to find threatening emails on his laptop from Alistair. As the case unravels, the officers realise that Judy and Alistair were having an affair, and Michael had found out.

Later, the officers are called to a disturbance at Alistair’s workplace, where they find an hysterical Judy trashing the office, while Alistair cowers under his desk. Judy admits to the affair and tells Banksy and Samantha that Alistair was so worried about the impact it would have on his reputation that she believes Michael’s death wasn’t an accident.