Will Sandy leave Hollyoaks?

Sandy confronts Freddie about Grace’s shooting. She decides he’s moving back in with the Roscoes, so she can keep an eye on him. Joe is furious and lays into his brother. Ziggy shows them a note from Sandy saying she’s had enough of the fighting and she’s not coming back. The boys find her at the bus stop and try and persuade her to stay.

Ste tells Sonny he can’t remember what happened that night, while Sam is determined to clear his name and finds all the proof she needs that he didn’t do it… Back at home, an elated Ste and John Paul declare their love for each other. Elsewhere, Sonny narrows the search for Fraser’s murderer down to three people: Sandy, Freddie and Joe.

Grace allows Nana and the McQueens to move back into their home with her as their landlady. She’s shocked when Trevor returns home. Meanwhile, Sam secretly hopes her and Danny will get back together but he tells her that’s not what he wants anymore.

Patrick tries to explain himself to Sienna. Nico accepts his apology but both her and Patrick are clearly plotting something against each other. They have a family dinner and Patrick plants his watch in Nico’s coat. In retaliation, Nico puts Sienna’s medication in Patrick’s drink – touch√©.¬†