Will Sarah confess to Billy?

Billy assures Sarah that as a vicar, his job is to listen and whatever she tells him is in the strictest confidence. Sarah finally starts to open up, revealing how her boyfriend threatened her and things got out of hand. Billy encourages her to go to the police.

When Kate squeezes Kirk’s biceps, it’s the final straw for Beth who flies at her. Carla separates the brawling women and she and Johnny berate Kate for causing trouble. Later, Kate buys Beth and Kirk a drink and explains that she was only having a laugh with Kirk  – in fact she’s about to marry her girlfriend Caz. 

As Luke and Jamie return from the track race, Maria confronts Luke, telling him she knows he lied to her and that he’s been racing. Maria gives Luke an ultimatum, he has to choose between her and his racing.

Tracy persuades Ken that Amy needs proper lessons from a qualified violin teacher.