Will Sarah crack at Callum’s funeral? (VIDEO)

*Hour-long Episode*

When Sarah sets off for Callum’s funeral, alarming David and Todd. As Marion places a photo of Callum next to his coffin, the pressure becomes too much for Billy and he hurries from the pulpit. Todd finds Billy and orders him to get on with the service for Marion’s sake. Marion thanks Sarah for coming and suggests that she’d like to be involved in Harry and Max’s lives, but Sarah gazes blankly at her as Lee watches on. In the Rovers, Lee approaches Sarah and introduces himself.

Phelan notices the yard gates are unlocked and phones a mate, instructing him to steal the conservatory glass. Jason and Phelan arrive back at the yard to discover the glass has gone and while Phelan acts surprised Jason blames himself for failing to lock up.

When Cathy opens a card from Nessa, she’s shocked to read that she’s moving to Bali until Christmas. When Alex shows Gemma a video of him racing cars with Jordan, he fails to notice Cathy peering over his shoulder. Cathy berates Alex for driving illegally and orders Jordan out.

Tim sets about building a summerhouse, but Sharif and Yasmeen are delighted when it turns out wonky. Bethany tells Craig that she walked out of her exam. Kylie and Max plant a tree to commemorate Callum’s life. Sean asks Billie if they can start again.