As the bushfire rages on, the Trevanions are doing all they can to save Leopard’s Den. Unable to save the animal hospital from the blaze, they must now stop their home from going up in smoke too. As the water runs out, a miracle occurs when the wind changes direction, taking the fire away from the house.

But their joy is short-lived, as Danny and Du Plessis realise that the fire is heading for the Mara fences, and the animals running from the fire will be trapped between the flames and the wire. Amy and Fatani arrive with team to help take down the barriers – but a cowardly Kriel has fled.

When Evan and Olivia disobey orders to come and help, Danny’s cheetah follows them but, on seeing the fire, panics and runs off. As Sarah goes to find her, she’s separated from the others and soon becomes overwhelmed by smoke.

Danny frantically searches for his wife, who has become surrounded by flames. And there’s no way out…

*Last in the series*