Sarah Platt opens up to her psychiatrist

David and Kylie panic when Sarah starts talking...

Gail, David and Kylie meet with Sarah and her psychiatrist and when Sarah admits the idea of returning home scares her, Kylie’s consumed with guilt. She then recounts her ordeal with Callum and how she thought he was going to kill her until Kylie arrived. Gail listens in aghast while David and Kylie brace themselves.

Eileen tells Phelan that Jason’s happy for him to buy a second hand van for the business. Later, Eileen hands Andy and Steph a notice of rent increase on their flat and Michael realises this is Phelan’s handywork.

Tracy arrives home from hospital to find Ken and Amy having lunch – but she’s gutted when Amy ignores her, quickly grabs her school bag and heads out.

Lauren parks herself next to Bethany in the café and makes out she’s sorry for bullying her but was forced into it by the other girls. Gary reveals to Anna that they’re moving Izzy to a prison in Hull. Freddie’s concerned when Sophie tells Luke she’s planning to phone Caz’s army barracks to get to the truth. Dev forced to take Mary to a swanky spa day when Erica gets a call to say her mum has been rushed into hospital.