Will Sarah’s baby be OK? (VIDEO)

Sarah’s reminded of Billy when the consultant advises a caesarean and refuses outright. Meanwhile, Kylie, Audrey, Gail and Nick arrive at the hospital. Todd implores Sarah to do what’s best for her baby and she finally consents to the C-section. As Sarah comes to with Gail by her side, the midwife presents her newborn son.

To wind up Pat, Kevin sends a bottle of wine over to his table at the Bistro as a gift. Eileen’s shocked when Pat storms over and furiously warns Kevin not to mess with him. Kevin calls Pat a bully and Pat lies to Eileen that Kevin’s gesture hurt his pride now that he’s on his uppers.

Tyrone’s embarrassed when he can’t afford to buy a round at the Rovers and tells Fiz he’s going to earn more money somehow.

Eva’s moved as Marta thanks her and reveals she’s returning to her family in Poland. Craig and Caitlin babysit Max and Lily but are horrified when Lily manages to cover the kitchen in Craig’s spray paint.