Sasha tries to do a deal with Nige, who refuses to give her any heroin if she can’t pay for it. Reluctant Sasha agrees to pay for her fix by another way, and heads to Nige’s house…

As Tina and Dom struggle to accept the news that she can’t have any more children, Dom tries to persuade Tony to convince Tina to keep the baby. Tony is torn between his brother’s request and Jacqui’s feelings. Eventually, Tony and Jacqui decide they are doing the right thing in keeping the baby, but will Tina give him up?

Leila tries to use the fact that Ravi is her brother to get a job in The Loft and he finally agrees to her request. He tries to show the girls who’s boss but his sexist attitude winds Nancy up and they stage a mini protest. Ravi is horrified when he realises they’re stopping potential punters coming into The Loft and finally is forced to give in to their demands.

Nancy is despondent when she gets a letter about Charlie’s custody hearing. Justin feels guilty but, aware of his deal with Jake, tells her that Charlie should be with Frankie. Nancy is frustrated when Justin refuses to help her win custody of Charlie.

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