When Zac praises Sasha’s new poem, she immediately guesses that Matt wrote it and submitted it under her name. Furious, she tries desperately to improve her own work. At her wits end, Sasha decides to confess to Zac, but changes her mind when he tells her he has shown her poem to Ms. Taylor, who now wants to pass it onto a university lecturer.

Leah’s attempt to protect Nate from Sophie backfires dramatically. Sophie complains to Nate that Leah is on edge around her and looks over-worked, but Nate suggests her behaviour may be a result of her stalker. Sophie sticks the knife in and tells Leah she admires her for trusting new people, leaving her mortified.

Jett is thrilled when Nina surprises him by returning to Summer Bay. But he’s embarrassed when Marilyn invites Nina to have dinner with the family. To make amends, she arranges a surprise meal for the two of them and promises Jett that she will ask Nina’s parents if she can attend the wedding.