Sasha has been avoiding Stu ever since he slapped her. And as if that ordeal wasn’t bad enough, she then finds herself under attack at home too, when Sid accuses her and Stu of stealing his prescription pad. When Stu gives Sasha a ring to apologise for what happened, it’s the gesture that she needed and she’s soon happily back with her charming boyfriend once more.

April is hitting the books hard, still pepped up on her study drugs. Seeing her so manic, Bianca and Irene worry it might be her OCD rearing its head again. When April hears that Sid has informed Charlie of the missing prescription pad, and subsequently accused Sasha and Stu of stealing it, she becomes paranoid.

Bianca returns from a staff meeting with great news for April – she’s been awarded Dux of the school (a prize for the top learner). But April feels guilty. Will her conscience allow her to accept the award?

Charlie spies Brax and Hayley getting cosy during a surfing lesson on the beach. When she approaches Brax at home to pursue the case of the stolen prescription pad, she runs into Hayley again – getting familiar with Brax!