Will Sean be completely cut out?

Violet and Jamie are loved up, but they decide that Sean needs to be the first to know and they arrange to meet him for a drink. Sean is psyching himself up to tell Violet that he wants a say in the upbringing of their baby, but he’s stunned when Violet and Jamie blurt out that they’re a couple. Sean is devastated when they happily tell Sean that the baby will have a proper family now that Jamie is in the picture.

Claire goes out to the singles’ night with Lloyd, but she’s so nervous that she downs the booze to quell her nerves and ends up completely plastered! Lloyd gets lucky and leaves with a girl and a drunk Claire calls Sally for help. Sally sends Kevin to collect Claire, who tries to kiss him! Claire is mortified when she sobers up and she breaks down on Ashley – and tells him that she still loves him.

Liam returns and Carla is happy to see him but she’s a little put out when she turns up at the pub to be confronted by Liam and a loved-up Maria. It’s clear that Carla still has feelings for her brother-in-law…

Also, Fiz shares her suspicions about John and Sally with Kevin.