Roxy is startled when Sean confronts her and demands to know why she’s drinking. Roxy tells Sean that she doesn’t want anything more to do with him, but Sean is adamant that he needs to make sure their baby is OK. Sean tries to grab the vodka from Roxy’s hand as the argument escalates and a young man intervenes. Sean ends up in a fight and Roxy makes her escape.

Ronnie is still at Archie’s mansion and she confronts him about their past. Ronnie is stunned when Archie cruelly tells her that her baby daughter Amy died shortly after she was given up for adoption. Ronnie slaps him and Archie shows his true self and violently grabs her wrist before throwing her out.

Sean catches up with Roxy and tells her he loves her and begs her to return to London with him. Roxy returns to the mansion and is confronted by Ronnie, who also asks her to come home. Ronnie tells Roxy a train is leaving for London shortly, but Roxy says they can all get a lift back with Sean. Ronnie tries to hurry Peggy into the car, but she is stunned when Peggy reveals she’s not coming – Archie has charmed her into staying with him…

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