Will Sean discover Roxy’s deceit?

Roxy is frantic that she still hasn’t found the lost paternity test results and she subtly tries to ask Peggy and Shirley if they’ve found anything. Roxy gets paranoid when Sean turns up at the hospital and is off with her. Roxy is relieved when Christian tracks down the letter. Later, Sean confesses to Roxy he’s stressed out about bringing Amy home.

Whitney looks to Bianca for reassurance about Tony’s court case, but Bianca is distant. Whitney runs off when she overhears Bianca telling Ricky she can’t get the image of Whitney and Tony together out of her head. Whitney opens up to Dot, while Ricky encourages Bianca to put her own anger aside. Whitney returns home and she and Bianca have a heart-to-heart. Whitney is thoughtful after her chat with Dot and finds the crucifix that her mum gave her.

Suzy finds a pet carrier cage outside with a pig’s heart inside and she confronts Ahmet, who warns her he wants his gold bar back today. Suzy lays it on thick with Phil, and Ahmet is unimpressed when Phil gives him some cash and tells him that’s all he’ll get. Ahmet discovers that Suzy has told Phil she’s pregnant and blackmails her as she once pulled the same stunt on him by pretending to be pregnant, then stealing his money.

Also, Dot finds out from Doctor Legg that Janine is lying that she’s Jewish to marry a man twice her age!

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