Will Seth turn against Jason?

Carl rings the school telling them that Jason won’t be coming in today and takes him to play footie in the park. After a kick about they have a heart to heart and Jason appreciates Carl’s kind words. But Seth’s jealous and joins in taunting Jason behind his back

Fern tells Bart that she has decided to plead guilty to his stabbing. Bart’s shocked when she tells him that she feels terrible and never meant for any of it to happen. So he agrees to write a statement about the incident. Later, Fern arranges to meet Jason and tells him about her change of heart and apologises. Knowing he won’t have to go to trial Jason pleads with her to come out as a lesbian.

Sinead tells Anita that Amber was delusional but her dad needs the diary back or he’ll lose his job. Amber tells her that in exchange for the diary Rob must give Eva back her job. Later, Anita steals the diary from Eva’s bag and gives it to Sinead who then gives it back to Rob. They agree that now they have the diary they won’t give Eva back her job, but they haven’t counted on Eva having photocopies of the incriminating pages.

Also; Myra worries about Ethan’s interference.

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