Will Shakil end things with Bex?

Bex stresses about Shakil when he won't talk things through with her

Bex is still moping about Shakil, prompting a frustrated Louise to insist her friend just talks to him. When Bex meets up with Shakil she’s paranoid when he doesn’t seem too interested in being around her. After watching Shakil rehearsing the play, Bex leaves because of an embarrassing incident. Is it all over for the two teens?

Whitney invites the Carters over for Christmas dinner as a way to help out Linda. When Lee finds out, he panics about how much everything is going to cost. Meanwhile, Linda and Mick are told that Ollie’s assessment will be in the New Year and the Carters get into the Christmas spirit when they share some magical news.

Ronnie is getting concerned about Roxy, who has failed to turn up for work again. When she sees Roxy sitting in the park, Ronnie is relieved, suggesting Roxy come over later to choose a wedding hairstyle with Amy. Much to Ronnie’s disapointment, Roxy is a no show, yet again.

Also, Linda comes up with an idea to decorate the Square when Ian refuses to make a donation.