Will Shakil’s birthday go to plan?

Shakil has his own ideas about his 16th birthday party... And they're not the same as his mum's!

Shakil decides he wants a proper party so he can woo Bex before she’s snapped up by someone else. Determined to lose his virginity to Bex, Shakil is taken aback when Bex gives him a chastity bracelet! Worried about Shakil’s intentions towards Bex, Martin storms into the party, bringing the celebrations to an end. After a heart-to-heart with Martin, where Shakil admits to Martin that his dad hasn’t been around for him, a fatherly Martin gives him some advice.

Ben finds Jay sleeping rough in the playground. When Phil refuses to let Jay stay at the Mitchells’, Ben forms a plan, telling Phil he’s going to sleep rough with Jay. Not wanting to see Ben on the street, Phil agrees to let Jay stay with the Mitchells’ after all. Meanwhile, one of Paul’s killers, Simon, turns up in the Square looking for Ben…

Sharon has food for thought when Phil accuses her of being a hypocrite for keeping Mark’s real father from him. Fearing Phil is right, Sharon talks to Ian, who insists the truth will destroy Mark’s life. Meanwhile, at Shakil’s party, Courtney makes it clear she fancies Mark. When Louise passes the news on to Sharon, she is horrified!

Also, after Carmel finds Denise’s pregnancy test, forcing Denise to confess it’s hers, Carmel informs Kush, who tries to cover his shock!