Will Sharon and Phil convince as a couple?

Sharon pulls out all the stops with the Mitchell family on the day of the visit from social services to ensure that Lexi comes home. When the social services officer mentions Ben’s manslaughter charge, Sharon has to give a rattled Phil a pep talk to encourage him to carry on. In the Vic, Sharon asks Jack to put in a good word with the social services officer as he knows him from his time on the force. Jack’s fuming when the officer says what a good couple Sharon and Phil make!

Syed panics when Christian goes AWOL, worrying that he’s left the Square. Roxy tells Syed that he should leave Christian alone until he knows what he wants. When the doorbell goes, a relieved Syed assumes it’s Christian. Instead it’s Amira, who reveals to Syed’s surprise she’s getting married and she wants Yasmin to live with her and her fiance in Birmingham.

Meanwhile, Masood is frustrated trying to talk to Zainab about her disappearance when she rushes out after hearing about Syed’s marriage problems. After Zainab implores Syed to sort out his marriage he tells her to stop interfering. Later, Zainab announces her intention to stop meddling in everyone’s lives, much to the amusement of the Masood men!