Will Sharon carry out her threat to Ronnie?

Sharon’s attempt to blackmail Ronnie to leave doesn’t work, as Ronnie insists she doesn’t care. Unwilling to let Dennis be around Ronnie, Sharon takes him to stay with Ian. Meanwhile, Phil is impressed by Ronnie’s new hard attitude, but he’s angry when he finds her snooping for evidence against her. Roxy walks in on their argument but they’re all stopped in the tracks when a police car arrives outside…

Bianca and Sonia are celebrating after David’s lie that Carol’s test was clear. As Carol and David return to the Square, David decides to break the bad news to Max, telling him that he may have inherited the gene, putting his own children at risk. David offers to sort things with Bianca and Sonia, but Carol wants to talk to them herself.

Cindy has the house to herself and invites Liam round for a bit of fun. When Ian returns unexpectedly, he catches Liam making a run for it. Putting two-and-two together, Ian storms round to the Butchers, accusing Liam of getting Cindy pregnant.

Also, Lola is short on cash and when Bianca won’t pay her for babysitting, she resorts to stealing nappies from the market.