Sharon sees Jack in the club and teasingly asks him who tonight’s lucky lady is. He insists he’s not that kind of guy. When Sharon says she won’t be in Walford for long, Jack bets her she’ll stay and if she does she owes him a kiss. Jack thinks he’s getting somewhere until Roxy turns up looking for the flat key and Sharon assumes Roxy is his latest conquest!

After their spin-the-bottle kiss, Anthony is smitten and asks a delighted Alice on a date. Anthony agrees to keep Joey away from Whitney for Tyler, who has to go off on a job. Both Whitney and a watching Poppy assume Anthony is trying it on when he asks her to go for a drink! A fuming Poppy is determined to protect Alice.

Phil is hopeful of getting Ben to change his statement when Ben wants to see both him and Ian. In the prison, Ben apologises to Ian for everything he’s put him through. Ben stands firm against Phil’s insistence he change his statement, saying he needs to face his punishment and make Phil proud. Phil accepts Ben’s decision and tells him he’s proud of him and he loves him.

Also, Andrew leaves Walford.