Will Sharon leave Walford?

Sharon gets ready to leave with Dennis and hails a cab. Jack stops Sharon as she gets into the cab and tells her he’s disappointed. At the bus station, Dennis tells Sharon they should stay in Walford. He points out that Sharon is never happy as they’re always leaving somewhere. Sharon realises Dennis needs some stability and returns to the Square. When Sharon tells Jack she’s staying after all, he tries to claim his prize of a kiss!

Abi is upset and confused after learning about the murder revelations. Wanting to hear the whole story, she heads to the Bed and Breakfast to confront Jay. As Jay tries to explain they’re interrupted by Tanya and Max, who demand Abi return home immediately. Jay is devastated when a disgusted Abi tells Jay he should have done something to stop Ben.

Anthony finally decides to ask out Alice despite being warned off by Joey. Anthony has set up a surprise picnic at the allotments and treats Alice like a princess. After sharing a kiss, Anthony is surprised when Alice tries to drag him into one of the allotment sheds for a proper smooch! The couple are scuppered by a drunk Shirley, who tells them to find somewhere else.