Will Sharon marry Phil?

Sharon is set for her wedding day when she’s confronted by Ian, who tries to talk her out of marrying Phil. At the register office, Phil nervously waits for his bride as the minutes tick away. When Shirley turns up instead, attempting to make Phil face facts, it looks like the wedding is in the balance.

Roxy boycotts Phil’s wedding to talk to Ronnie after discovering Ronnie is pregnant with Charlie’s baby. The sisters have a heart-to-heart, with Roxy opening up about Aleks’s marriage situation. Encouraged by Ronnie, Roxy gives Aleks an ultimatum to prove his feelings to her. Roxy is surprised when Aleks insists he cares for her, proposing they go on holiday straight away.

Abi is worried about her relationship with Jay when Aunt Sal notices the chemistry between Jay and Lola, mistaking Lola for Jay’s girlfriend. Ben takes Abi aside and further stokes her fears, suggesting that Jay is in love with Lola.

Also, Tosh tells Tina about Dean’s offer to father her baby after Tina confides in Dean that she wants to marry Tosh.