Will Sharon survive?

Johnny cautiously heads downstairs after hearing the commotion, finding Sharon unconscious and cut and bruised. Phoning for an ambulance and calling Nancy, Johnny is relieved when Mick and Nancy arrive as Sharon is taken to the hospital. Mick and Nancy assume that Johnny scared Sharon’s attackers away. Unwilling to admit he hid upstairs, Johnny keeps his mouth shut.

Phil is still in the Vic with Shirley, who finally breaks down, confessing to Phil what happened with Mick all those years ago. Heading home, Phil is shocked when Johnny grabs him, explaining Sharon has been attacked. Mick takes Phil to the hospital, soon followed by Shirley, who comforts a distraught Phil. After learning Sharon needs surgery for a ruptured spleen, Phil confesses to Shirley that he was the one who arranged the break-in… Meanwhile, Johnny is forced to confess to the police that he did nothing to help Sharon.

Denise can’t get hold of Ian, who receives a surprise visitor at the restaurant. Heading over to Beale’s, Denise finds Ian alone, not knowing that someone is lurking in the kitchen. Once Denise has left, Ian’s visitor reveals their plan for blackmail, as only they know what Ian was up to the night Lucy died.