Will Shaz put her baby in danger?

Shaz has her operation and is recovering in hospital. Ruhma is troubled when Shaz refuses any kind of housing help – if she’s in the system her family will find her! After Ruhma’s chat, Dave tells Shaz he’s found them a squat to live in.

Jimmi’s shocked to see his schizophrenic patient, Cam, covered in blood. Emma is on police surgeon duty and, for the first time, Cam’s ‘voices’ co-operate as he insists he’s innocent.  Elsewhere, a discovery at the crime scene proves Cam can’t have killed Tommy.

Cam is released and we now see a familiar face – it’s Tommy’s murderer on the move. Nic has Tommy’s personal belongings – proving she is the one who killed Tommy!

On his adventure, Al slips in a wet field and has to be rescued by an attractive vicar who takes him home. Kirsty’s nervous as she has a singing audition tomorrow and when Al tries to get her to recognise her own self-worth he ends up in an awkward situation when she turns up in his bedroom wearing nothing but a dressing gown.