It’s high drama as the current series of this award-winning drama comes to a close…

Head Teacher Rachel is supposed to be getting married ,but she is distracted from her big day by the actions of teenage sweethearts Finn and Amy. Finn has been nothing, but trouble since he joined Waterloo Road, but this latest stunt is more serious than anything he’s pulled before. When his parents tell him they’re moving to LA he decides he can’t live without Amy – so he suggests they make a suicide pact. Amy’s shocked and scared but Finn talks her into it and they head off to end their lives together. Deputy Head Chris has realised something is wrong, though, and takes off after them.

Rachel is also caught up in the drama, much to fiance Adam’s annoyance. He, understandably, wants her to focus on their wedding, but she can’t get her mind off school problems. Adam’s patience runs out when it looks like Rachel is prepared to miss their ceremony so she can help bring about a happy ending in the Finn and Amy story. Will she decide her future is with Adam, or with the school?

Elsewhere, Steph is struggling to rescue the school prom after the venue booked for the event is flooded with sewage. What a stinker of a problem!