Sheila has a crush on Hamish but will he use it to his advantage? And will his desire to con Tyler, lead him to use Shelia?

Meanwhile, stunned by Courtney’s multi-million dollar law suit against her, Terese decides to apologise to her former employee in the hope she’ll change her mind. Before she apologises, however, Terese and Piper explain the hard life Courtney has had and why the job was important to her. Hearing that, Terese decides to pay the lawsuit in full; however, Paige delivers some tough love and tells her that her guilt over sleeping with Paul is leading her to make terrible choices. Will Terese finally come clean to Gary?

Also, Steph sees a photo of Sam in Sonya’s bin and questions her friend on who he is. Sonya explains that the pair once had a romance but the timing just wasn’t right. Meanwhile, Toadie continues to pour his heart out to Sam, who advises Toadie to slow down the reconciliation process with Sonya. Toadie takes his advice but soon regrets his decision…