Will Shirley believe Dean’s lies?

Mick supports Linda as she reports the rape to the police. Being asked to make her video statement alone, Linda leaves an anxious Mick waiting for her. Meanwhile, Shirley has been given food for thought by Linda’s heartfelt confession. Confronting Dean, Shirley listens to Dean’s version of events and is left feeling torn.
At the police station, having to relive the events proves too much for Linda, who rushes out of the interview. When Mick isn’t there, she panics. Finding him outside crying, Linda says they need to both be honest with each other about how this is affecting them. Stealing herself to finish the statement, Linda heads back inside. In the Square, Shirley finds Dean, who breaks down on Shirley when she says that she believes him.
The police statement finished, Linda is relieved to get out of there and head home. Linda finds a waiting Mick, telling him that it’s done. They both know the next task is going to be just as hard, as they need to tell the kids the truth.