Shirley tries to do something about Phil when Buster snaps over having him crashing on their sofa. Turning to Sharon for help does”t get Shirley anywhere so she confronts Phil herself, instead. As the pair reminisce, the spark between them builds. Shirley finds herself battling temptation…

Stacey returns to the Square for a day visit but she’s soon ill at ease after bumping into Kyle. When Martin later pops out, Kyle turns up at the door. Expecting to find Martin, he’s surprised to see Stacey instead. When Martin gets back he warns Kyle to keep away. There’s more trauma for Stacey when Sonia and Bex visit and start talking about Kush.

Unable to listen anymore, Stacey runs out of the house. Meanwhile, Kush is heading over to see Stacey after Denise sent him off with a flea in his ear about Arthur needing to know his dad. When Kush sees Stacey, he tells her he wants to be there for their son. An unconvinced Stacey insists it’s her decision. As Stacey prepares to return to the MBU, she has another encounter with Kyle.

Also, Nancy is upset when Mick fails to tell her that Ollie is due to be discharged.