Shirley wakes on Phil’s sofa after passing out there the night before. Denise has talked to Carly about the state Shirley is in and Carly agrees to see her. Carly and Shirley snipe at each other and it’s clear Carly is in no mood to reconcile with her mum. Phil pleads with Carly not to give up on Shirley and gives her money to take Shirley away and look after her.

Carly refuses the money, but after a heart-to-heart with a by now sober Shirley, daughter and mother reconcile. Shirley is overwhelmed as Carly lets her hold her grandson Jimmy. Carly tells Shirley she wants them to start over and asks her to move in with her and the baby. Shirley tells Phil she’s leaving the Square, but warns him she’ll be back…

Sharon lets Dennis stay home from school. Dennis goes missing after Sharon lets him play with a new toy truck that Jack has bought him. After a desperate search, Sharon finds Dennis outside the Vic and blurts out it’s the spot where his dad died. A confused Dennis says he thought his dad died a hero. Sharon is grateful when a sympathetic Tanya approaches. Sharon and Dennis go to Tanya’s and the ladies agree to make a fresh start.