Will Shirley reveal Suzy’s lies?

Shirley plots to expose Suzy as a liar by showing the CCTV footage of her buying tampons at the Minute Mart on the karaoke screen in the Vic. But Suzy has uncovered Shirley’s plan and destroyed the evidence. Shirley is furious, but Suzy dares her to tell Phil. Shirley calls Suzy’s bluff and marches off to find Phil…

Jane is fuming as Ian continues to be a Scrooge when he insists they won’t be buying any Christmas decorations. Jane is even angrier when he reveals that the Masoods will be catering for the council Christmas do instead of him, as she knows that they’ll miss the money. Later, Ian fires Bianca for being rude to the cafe customers

Janine goes to David’s will reading and is gutted to find out that he left all his money to an animal shelter. Pat is unsympathetic and a stroppy Janine packs to leave. Janine jumps in a cab, but when she sees the memorial to Frank she has second thoughts about leaving.

Also, Stacey is pleased when Danielle decides to stay in Walford for Christmas and the girls decide to ask Ronnie if they can waitress at the council party to make some extra cash.

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