Will Shirley ruin things for Shabnam?

Shirley and Buster prepare for the custody case, getting into an argument with Mick. When he lets slip about Shabnam taking Jade without permission, Shirley is triumphant, planning to use it against Shabnam in court. Finding out that Shirley knows the truth, Stacey warns Shabnam, who heads to the Vic to plead with Shirley not to say anything.

When Shirley stands her ground, Buster tells Shabnam and Stacey to leave. Returning home for a heart-to-heart with Kush, a defeated Shabnam then tells Shirley she’s decided she’s not ready to look after Jade. After Shirley and Buster are awarded custody of Jade, Shabnam drops a bombshell on Stacey – she thinks she’s pregnant!

Vincent meets up with his contact in the police, asking them to hurry up with sorting out the Mitchells. When his request is shot down, a desperate Vincent heads back to the square. Deciding to sort things out his own way, Vincent gets hold of a gun…

Also, when the council won’t pay for a Christmas tree for the square Ian comes up with a plan, suggesting Beale’s could sponsor a tree.