Shirley tells Buster their granddaughter is alive and she has her address. Despite Buster’s advice that she tread carefully, she heads to Blades to tell Dean his daughter is alive but can’t bring herself to upset him. Masood encourages Shirley to visit Jade but she’s scared of letting down another child. Unable to resist, Shirley heads to the address and meets her granddaughter.

Stacey is relieved when she realises that Shabnam didn’t see her and Kush kiss, after Shabnam encourages Stacey to teach Kush the dance. After Stacey and Sonia head to the Vic for a drink, they’re joined by Kush and Martin. Sonia realises that Stacey has her eye on someone and encourages her to be honest about her feelings, not knowing who it is. Stacey decides to come clean to Kush about her feelings, but is stopped in her tracks when she sees him kissing Shabnam.

Carol is rattled by the hospital letter about her breast reconstruction surgery. Irritated at the bickering in the Butcher household she snaps at Liam and Tina. Worried about Carol’s tense mood, Whitney confronts her, learning the truth about the letter. Whitney gathers the family, suggesting a way they can help Carol.

Also, Ronnie secretly watches as Charlie tells Roxy he knows she’s only got the job on the stall to prove a point to Ronnie.