Will Sid let Ayesha down?

Zara’s in a terrible mood and ends up upsetting Emma. As Emma makes an acerbic retort, Zara caves and admits she’s worried about her relationship with Daniel. Later, Zara chastises Sid when she discovers a prescription error he has made. He’s left feeling humiliated and has to feign enthusiasm when Ayesha says she’s booked tickets for the cinema tonight.

Al collides with upset student Melody and is shocked when she claims she was attacked by Al’s old university chum Felix. Al types Melody’s name into his computer and discovers she made the same allegation at a past university, but when Felix makes suggestive comments about female students, Al calls the police.

Emma sees Daniel and takes the opportunity to defend Zara. She knows Zara didn’t sleep with Michael, but Daniel’s furious that Zara has discussed it with anyone. Emma pleads with him not to say anything – but her pleas fall on deaf ears as Daniel gets into his car and drives off.