Will Sid tell Megan the truth?

Sid is acting strange around Megan because he fancies her

Sid has another therapy session with Megan and he acts more awkward than ever around her. Will Sid be able to keep some sense of cool or will he tell Megan that he fancies her?

Meanwhile, Heston’s worried that Mrs Tembe won’t be subtle enough when asking Ruhma about her thoughts on marriage, but Mrs Tembe assures him that she won’t make her snooping obvious. Mrs Tembe takes Ruhma to The Icon and they’re joined by Megan and Karen. Mrs Tembe, Megan and Ruhma comfort Karen over Marnie but, eventually, the conversation turns to the topic of marriage.

Ruhma tells the ladies that she and Heston are committed to one another but ‘never say never’ when it comes to marriage. After lunch, Mrs Tembe tells Heston the good news and he starts to plan his proposal. Later, Ruhma approaches Zara and Emma and asks if they can keep a secret…