Emma’s intrigued by elderly Sid, who comes to The Mill for husband Jonesy’s prescription. When Sid has a coughing fit, Emma prescribes her antibiotics for a chest infection and tells her to make a follow-up appointment. But when Emma discovers she hasn’t done so, and heads off to visit Sid, Valerie tells Chris she’s worried Emma will get upset: Jonesy has terminal cancer, which may remind her of Sam.

Sid returns to her home, which is cramped and damp, where Jonesy is clearly very unwell on a dirty bed. Sid is obviously in denial at their situation, singing along as she attempts to change his sheets. Sid reluctantly lets in Emma, who’s shocked by their living conditions.

The couple’s daughter Mary then reveals how Sid refuses to accept help from care workers and that she’s trying to get Sid to agree to Jonesy going into a hospice and asks if she can help. Sid refuses, claiming Jonesy is better off with her. Jonesy, however, realises Sid is also getting sick in the damp house and suggests she should move in with Mary and he’ll go to the hospice. Eventually, Sid agrees.

Emma’s clearly moved by their love for each other and, back at The Mill, Chris is fretting that his mum will be upset. But Emma has simply picked herself up, like Sid would. She gives her son a grateful kiss on the cheek for worrying about her and sings one of Sid’s songs.

Meanwhile, as a favour to Chris, Al meets up with the sister of a friend of his. Lunch with Jessica is going well, until she reveals she’s a vegan. Al, a passionate carnivore, claims it doesn’t bother him but, as they leave, Al can’t hold it in any longer and rants about how he thinks humans are all born to eat meat and how disgusting vegan food is. Shocked, Jessica leaves… as Al kicks himself for being, well, HIM!