Sienna and Trevor prepare to leave with baby Curtis but, when Nico tells Sienna that Ben didn’t come home last night, she fears she can’t leave Nico alone. Meanwhile, Grace, Ste and Harry are cleaning up after a drunken night. Trevor comes home and Grace is suspicious that he doesn’t seem bothered about Ste and Harry still being there. Sienna packs a bag and, as Nico quizzes her, she lies she’s going to the gym. As Nico turns nasty, Ben returns and promises not to leave Nico alone again. Relieved, Sienna makes her excuses and leaves the flat…

Grace discovers Trevor’s cleaned out the safe and gets to the flat just in time to see him leaving with his bags, a wod of cash and their baby. When he says he’s leaving her, Grace begs for one more chance, before telling Ste and Harry they need to move out. Trevor meets Sienna in The Dog car park and reveals he has to stay for Curtis’s sake. He gives her the cash they were going to run away with, telling her to set herself free. Sienna’s in a taxi when Nico calls to say the hospital has found a kidney donor. Will Sienna now decide to stay in Hollyoaks?

Louis, Simone and DS Thorpe turn up to interrogate Joanne. After lying to them that she doesn’t know anyone called Margaret, Joanne threatens Sonia that she’ll use all the legal knowledge she has to maintain that story to the police, even if it means taking her down in the process. Later, Louis tells DS Thorpe he doesn’t want to pursue a case against Sonia – he just wants to find the real Lisa. Simone’s not so forgiving, however, and Sonia’s arrested for fraud!

Also, Ste and Harry break into The Hutch to sleep for the night… but it seems they’re being watched by James Nightingale.