Peri is frightened when Sienna comes to her door but manages to get rid of her. However, when Tegan returns home later she notices that Rose is missing! Elsewhere, Sienna collects a new prescription of pills and sees the news coverage about Rose. Sienna is horrified when she finds Rose in Patrick’s flat – did she take the baby without knowing?

Dirk gets hold of some pills to help Jack perform. Later, Jack makes a romantic meal for Frankie and pops two pills, resulting in him collapsing. Back at home, Frankie is in the dark about what caused the collapse but knows her husband’s hiding something. She finds the pills and confronts Jack in front of the whole pub – including Ziggy. Jack explains what they are and is humiliated.

With Rose missing, Fraser postpones his honeymoon with Sandy to comfort Tegan. He’s filled with genuine fear about the whereabouts of his daughter and Grace is shocked when her dad tells her that she has a half-sister. She’s furious at her dad but Fraser turns nasty and says she should have died that day, not Clare!

Later, Grace offers Tegan the hand of friendship and suggests they go on a drive, but it’s clear she’s got something more sinister planned.