Will Simon choose Peter or Leanne? (VIDEO)

At the hospital a social worker speaks to Peter and Leanne about Simon’s welfare. Having made a good recovery Simon can go home, but it’s Leanne who Simon wants, not Peter. Back at the flat the atmosphere’s tense as Peter knows he needs to build bridges with Carla. Apologising for last night he admits they need a chance to overcome their problems. Arriving at the pub Peter asks Leanne to come to the flat. There Simon runs into Leanne’s arms. Carla’s stunned as Peter asks Simon who he wants to live with…

Insisting it’s a bad idea for Sunita to stay at the pub Karl callously shows her some flats in the Gazette. Sunita’s heartbroken by his rejection while Karl’s unnerved by how much of a loose canon she is. Forced to change tack he plays the family card, urging Sunita to go back to Dev.

Audrey clocks how much Maria is enjoying Marcus’s company and asks Maria if she’s developing feelings for Marcus. As Maria struggles to deny it Audrey warns her to nip it in the bud.

Also, Eva thinks Nick needs a little nudge to rekindle their relationship, so she flirts with Jason. But when Jason asks her out and Nick offers to give her the night off, Eva is forced to agree to a date with Jason.