Will Sinead be successful at the hearing?

Lindsey is preparing for her hearing at the hospital as Diane and Freddie turn up to support Sinead. However, Sinead doesn’t get the outcome she wanted when Lindsey is reinstated at the hospital. Sinead promises Sonny that she won’t tell Carmel about Marlow, as long as he helps her get revenge on Lindsey.

Sonny turns up at Holly and Jason’s B&B and threatens to hurt Sandy, Cindy and Hilton if either of them says a word about Marlow’s death. Back at The Dog, Jason’s phone falls out of Sonny’s pocket and he tells Sinead that watching Marlow die was his way of getting justice.

Nana is rattled when the bailiffs come to seize their possessions. Ziggy realises that she’s broke and buys her a bag of food shopping. Nana doesn’t appreciate the gesture and starts throwing ready meals at him.

When Sam can’t find her charger for her laptop, it soon becomes clear that Peri is to blame, wanting her mum to get the sack so she can spend more time at home. Sam returns home and tells the family that she’s been demoted to PC and Peri is busted when the laptop charger falls out of her bag. Everyone turns on her apart from Sienna.

Also, Sandy, Tegan and Grace wait to hear what Fraser has left them in his will. Grace is furious when it turns out her dad has left them each a third of the club.