Sinead prepares to go head-to-head with Diane at the child protection conference, feeling more confident now she can afford a solicitor. Sinead is allowed to visit Katy once a week, but isn’t happy with the result, so Freddie suggests they take Katy and run. Sinead goes to her first supervised visit with Katy, determined not to listen to Freddie’s suggestion. However, after an unsuccessful meeting, Sinead’s fury leads her to make a rash decision – they’re leaving for Ireland… today!

Patrick asks a stressed Maxine to bake some biscuits for his PTA meeting later. In between looking after Dexter, doing her chores and community service, she doesn’t have enough hours in the day. Maxine sees a trail of chewed up papers leading to further destruction in the living room, but is concerned when she finds something incriminating. Maxine confronts Sienna about the notes she’s found detailing Peri’s day-to-day activities and thinks her friend is crazy when she says Peri is her daughter.

Also, Ste is worried when Trevor tells him to expect a big job.