Sinead is working two jobs, trying to raise enough money for a solicitor to get Katy back. When Robbie hears about the money she’s got saved at the boarding house he breaks in and steals it. As Sinead and Freddie look forward to getting their baby back, Robbie buys a beat up old car with the money Sinead has worked so hard for.

Fraser bursts with relief when he sees Tegan and Rose are safe. Sandy, Sam and Danny are confused by his reaction, so Grace fills them in on the news that Fraser is Rose’s dad. The Roscoe boys are livid following Grace’s revelation. Sandy throws Fraser out and the gangster promises to make Grace pay.

Ste finds Blessing’s bottle of wine at the boarding house, but as he and Blessing go to grab it at the same time, it ends up smashed on the floor, revealing a bag of white powder. Blessing goes straight to the police station and tells Sonny to raid The Hutch.

Meanwhile, Jason’s left crushed and focuses his attention elsewhere…