Will Sinead keep her baby?

Diane and Bart learn of Sinead’s plans. Waiting outside the hospital she’s torn about her decision especially when Diane and Bart arrive to talk her out of it. It’s not until Bart offers his support – no matter what she decides – that Sinead resolves to have the baby.

Day two of Mercedes’ trial and she’s worried about the route that Jim is taking. However, he warns her that she either lets him use Riley – who can’t defend himself – as a scapegoat, or prepare for a life in prison. It’s Mercedes’ turn to take the stand.

Riley is now the primary subject in Jim’s questioning, painting him out to be vengeful and manipulative. Mercedes plays the role of victim all too well and even suggests that Riley was abusive and was the one who stabbed her!

There’s a spark between Liam and Maxine as they get chatting in College Coffee. Both keen to make some money, they approach Brendan about opening up a pop-up cocktail bar in Chez-Chez. The sexual tension between them is undeniable and Mitzeee urges her sister to go for it.

Also, Barney surprises Carmel with a romantic gesture. It’s clear that the pair are smitten with each other.