Will Sinead lie to Diane?

Nancy is in hospital with a sprained ankle and a cracked rib. Sienna is reveling in looking after Oscar while Nancy is laid up. Nancy gets out of bed too easily despite her injuries and Darren is back to thinking she’s on her painkillers when she insists the doctors haven’t given her any medication. Nancy decides she’s going to take a drug test to prove her innocence, but Sienna knows she’s setting herself up for a fall.

Darren and Cindy go with Tony for his first chemo session. He’s surprised to see Ste’s mum, Pauline in the bed next to him. He’s is buoyed by his old acquaintance and more determined than ever to beat his cancer. 

The doctor confirms that Katy has viral meningitis. Diane spots a text on Sinead’s phone from DS Trent “Great time last night. You are well worth it…” – what’s her daughter been up to?

Diane goes to the flat to get some things for Katy and notices the expensive clothes and accessories in Sinead’s room. Sinead lies that she’s selling drugs again, it’s better than the truth…