Diane realises that Sinead put the blood in Katy’s nappy. Seeing how much upset her step-daughter’s lies have caused, Diane tells Lindsey that the blood wasn’t Katy’s, prompting Social Services to take Katy away.

Sam questions Jason and she knows Robbie is completely to blame. Meanwhile, Finn panics when he sees Robbie at the hospital. Sam questions Robbie, thinking he is John Paul’s rapist and Freddie is furious with his little brother when he finds out they’ve been bullying the teacher. Elsewhere, John Paul is charged, while Robbie is scared when he guesses what Finn did to John Paul. John Paul gets bail but Sandy slaps him for hurting her son.

At the hospital, Robbie calls Finn a rapist. At The Hutch, Ste tries to get John Paul to confide in him after Patrick fires him. Finn is alarmed when he goes to see Robbie again but his hospital bed is empty.

Dodger and Patrick go to see Sienna before her assessment. Her brother encourages her to tell them about Sophie, but Patrick has already told Sienna to keep quiet. As usual, Sienna does as Patrick says. She’s discharged from the secure unit, but is immediately brought to trial.

With his trial tomorrow, Sandy tries to comfort Jason. However, she confides in Fraser that she knows Jason will be found guilty and Fraser promises to stop that happening.