It’s Freddie and Sinead’s wedding day but Lindsey has told Freddie what Sinead did. Freddie bursts into the student house and confronts his fiancé. Back at the Roscoes’ house, Freddie punches Robbie but tells his family the wedding’s still on. Lindsey is frustrated that he’s still going through with it. Freddie panics when Jim tells him that Grace is on the warpath.

During the reception at The Loft, Lindsey tells Joe about her part in Browning’s death. He’s angry that she told Freddie before him and storms off. Meanwhile, Freddie is surprised to see Grace at the Roscoes’ house. She tells him she’s got someone he loves locked away and if he doesn’t kill Mercedes, she’ll kill them.

Nancy comes home from hospital and Dodger tells Darren he needs to put a smile back on her face. She can’t help but laugh when they break down at the side of the road on the way to Sinead and Freddie’s reception and the boys start to bicker, dressed as Vegas pimps for the themed nuptials. Darren tells Dodger he owes him one, so Dodger asks him to take Nancy to see Sienna.