Faced with the stark reality of their situation, Sinead decides it’s time to go home… But when Diane turns up and a fight ensues the realisation dawns that returning to the village would mean not being allowed to see Bart.

Diane is reeling as Sinead spits that she won’t be returning if she can’t see Bart but when Diane turns on Bart things get nasty and, in a bid to protect her boyfriend, Sinead steps in. Tensions rise and in the heat of the moment Sinead slaps Diane before running off.

With Noah out of the picture and Ste sure of his feelings for Brendan he decides to give a relationship with Brendan a go. Brendan thinks he has finally won. That is until Sean decides to tell Ste all about Brendan’s set up and how he paid Sean to seduce Noah.

Also, Nancy is annoyed when Frankie tries controlling her life when she attempts to get Nancy a job back at the school.