Will Sister Ruth help Kat deal with the past?

Kat is at the convent where she gave birth to Zoe. After finding Sister Ruth, a nun who helped her all those years ago, Kat starts discussing the past. Sister Ruth remembers Kat and her mum Viv, taking Kat to the room where it happened. Opening up about her feelings, Kat reveals her torment over Harry’s abuse being brought up again and how she never feels free of it.

After Sister Ruth helps Kat believe she can deal with her past and move on, Kat leaves the convent feeling like a weight has been lifted. After Kat leaves, Sister Ruth checks the old records, confirming she was right, Kat had two babies – a girl and a boy… Meanwhile, Kat has a spring in her step as she finds Stacey and Alfie, revealing that she’s been to the police about Harry and is hopeful this can be a new start.

Stacey is feeling lonely after another row with Kat, making a video call to a mysterious contact. It’s soon clear she’s talking to her brother Sean, who reveals the key he gave her to look after belongs to their late father Brian. When the call is cut short, Stacey is still in the dark about what the key opens.