Will Smithy get justice?

The prosecution of people trafficker Jason Devlin finally gets under way � and Sergeant Dale ‘Smithy’ Smith still hasn�t confessed to beating Jason during the riot by illegal immigrants. Sergeant Callum Stone is confident Smithy has nothing to worry about as he won’t have to give evidence. But Callum is underestimating Jason and his father Matthew�

The star witness is Khaled Hasiq. He worked for the Devlins and the police are confident that his testimony will put Jason Devlin in prison. It would, too, if he were prepared to take the stand. But Ara Byat’s niece, Jala, has disappeared. Ara is Khaled’s girlfriend and is convinced the Devlins have taken Jala to silence Khaled.

The Sun Hill officers begin a search for Jala but the court case goes ahead and, after DC Stevie Moss has been cross-examined, Smithy is called to testify. Jason Devlin has a fierce defence lawyer in Stephanie Anderson, but what will Smithy tell her? Will his desire for justice override his need to tell the truth about his assault on Devlin?

One thing’s certain: at the end of the case, Superintendent John Heaton is leaving Sun Hill and he’s taking DS Stuart Turner, DC Kezia Walker and Inspector Rachel Weston with him to his people trafficking unit.

DCI Jack Meadows is promoted to Superintendent � but who’s the new Inspector?