When Toadie tells Sonya that the solution he came up with to keep the development from being delayed, means building over Lucas’s and Kyle’s businesses, she is shocked and can’t believe he’d betray their friends like that, accusing him of throwing them to the wolves. Telling him she can’t be a part of it any longer, he asks her what he’s meant to do.

Callum expresses his feelings about Toadie always being at work, asking Sonya if it’s always going to be like that. She assures him it isn’t, and she’s thrilled when Callum gives them his blessing about having a baby.

Meanwhile, Toadie’s in a meeting with Peter to discuss how much they’ll buy the businesses needed for the car park now it’s been given the go ahead. When Peter says it’s too much, Toadie stands his ground, wanting to make sure his friends get the best deal.

Later, at Sonya’s birthday dinner, she tells Toadie she doesn’t want to wait to have a baby, just as Peter calls, interrupting another important moment for them.

Tash tries to summon the courage to call her aunt Amelia, but struggles to find the words. With Chris’s encouragement she calls the salon where Amelia works and makes an appointment.